Navigating Social Change


CPSA Report to Albertans 2018: These are the movements and stories that energized us to evolve as an organization and profession.

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From learning culture to safety culture

How we’re using data and encouraging openness to keep Albertans safe. Read more >

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Keeping a pulse on Alberta’s opioid crisis

How did we get here and what’s next? Read more >


Digital Medicine is about quality care

How we’re ensuring patients are getting safe, quality care from competent, ethical practitioners in a digital world. Read more >


“Council’s responsibility is to be in touch with what is happening in both the community and the profession, to ensure the choices we’re making are informed and in the best interest of the public. Every decision we make impacts patients and physicians across the province, so we need to make sure we get it right.”

Ms. Kate Wood, Council President, 2017-2018



New regulated members



Physicians enrolled in Continuous Professional Development



New facilities accredited



Physicians on an independent practice register



New complaints received



Pass rate for Practice Readiness Assessments



New draft standards of practice



Complaint files closed



LGBTQ2S+ in healthcare workshops


The vast majority of Alberta doctors treat their patients with respect and professionalism. However, because of the heightened awareness around the power imbalance between health professionals and patients, we need to work together to ensure patients feel safe and secure.