Medicine is one of the professions in Alberta in which the members of the profession are responsible for governing themselves through a regulatory body. This privilege of profession-led regulation is granted to the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) by the Health Professions Act and is dependent on the trust Albertans have in physicians’ ability to hold ourselves to the highest standards of competence, professionalism and ethics in our service to the public.


College staff attend meetings to give Council background information on day-to-day College operations, answer Council’s questions and report on how previous decisions are being carried out. CPSA Council meets four times a year. Anyone interested in what the College does is welcome to observe the meetings.

CPSA Council ensures the practice of medicine continues to be up-to-date with Albertans’ needs and expectations. Council steers the direction for CPSA operations, discusses and votes on policy decisions and sets standards of practice for the profession.

Council is made up of 11 physicians who are elected by their peers and four members of the general public, appointed by Alberta’s Lieutenant-Governor. Alberta’s two medical school deans, a medical student observer, resident physician observer and the Past President of Council also attend meetings and help bring new perspectives to shape Council decisions.


2018 Council



  • Ms. Kate Wood, Q.C.

Past President

  • Dr. James Stone

Physician Members

  • Dr. Pauline Alakija

  • Dr. John Bradley

  • Dr. Graham Campbell

  • Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti

  • Dr. Kirsten Jones

  • Dr. Carrie Kollias (Jan. to May)

  • Dr. Richard Martin

  • Dr. Tarek Motan (May to Dec.)

  • Dr. John O’Connor

  • Dr. Luke Savage

  • Dr. Patrick (PJ) White

  • Dr. Norman Yee

Medical Faculty Deans

  • *Dr. Richard Fedorak, University of Alberta

  •  Dr. Dennis Kunimoto,  University of Alberta

  • Dr. John Meddings, University of Calgary

Public Members

  • Ms. Levonne Louie

  • Ms. Cathy MacDonald (Jan. to June)

  • Ms. Margaret Munsch

  • Ms. Laurie Steinbach (July to Dec.)

  • Ms. Kate Wood, Q.C. (President)


  • Dr. Michele Foster (Jan. to May) , medical resident

  • Dr. Casey Chan (June to Dec.), medical resident

  • Ms. Rachel Bethune, medical student


*Dr. Richard Fedorak passed away on Nov. 8, 2018. Dr. Fedorak is remembered by the College for the exceptional contributions he made to enhance the medical profession as a University of Alberta dean on CPSA Council.

CPSA Council & Executive.

CPSA Council & Executive.


In addition to meeting four times a year, select Councillors also serve on CPSA Committees.

The following committees are required by regulation:

  • Competence Committee

  • Council Appeals Committee

  • Hearing Tribunals

  • Complaint Review Committee

CPSA_AnnualReport_InfoG_040819-9 png.png

Council Messages

President’s Message

Council’s responsibility is to be in touch with what is happening in both the community and the profession, to ensure the choices we’re making are informed and in the best interest of the public. Every decision we make impacts patients and physicians across the province, so we need to make sure we get it right.

This year, Council toughened its stance on sexual misconduct and worked to increase discipline transparency. We continued to research the emerging opportunities and challenges facing medical regulation in the digital age. We looked for ways to contribute to healing the opioid crisis, by supporting prevention strategies and drafting a new standard of practice, to make it easier for patients with opioid use disorders to get the care they need. We worked with leaders in the LGBTQ2S+ community, to better understand the unique challenges this community can have in their health care interactions, so that we can make future recommendations and policy improvements for a more inclusive system.

2018 was a year of remarkable social change; it was also a year of significant change for the College. This report, approved by Council, tells that story.

Society will continue to evolve at a rapid pace and it’s our job to continue to stay ahead of societal expectations and enable our regulated members to give Albertans the best care possible. We did it in 2018 and I have complete faith that we’ll carry that into the years to come. 

Ms. Kate Wood, Q.C.
Council President, 2017-2018


Public Members’ Message

The world we live in is rapidly changing. Emerging technologies and social movements leave people, businesses, governments and agencies with two options: adapt or become stagnant. Part of Council’s role is to help the medical profession adapt to social and technological change in a safe, sustainable and measured way.

As public members, we are an integral part of that. While physician Councillors represent best medical practice and ethics, we represent the patient perspective and work with our physician co-councillors to guide the direction of the College through social and technological change.

This collaborative approach ensures that public best interest is front-and-centre in every decision made by Council. In addition to the patient perspective we bring to the table, our professional experience in the legal, education and oil and gas industries helps bring unique problem-solving skills to Council and its Committees.

Serving Albertans by helping the medical profession navigate social and technological change is a serious responsibility and an honour we are grateful to fulfill.

Left to right: Ms. Cathy MacDonald (Jan-June), Ms. Levonne Louie, Ms. Margaret Munsch, Ms. Kate Wood, Q.C. (Council President)  Missing: Ms. Laurie Steinbach (July to Dec.)

Left to right: Ms. Cathy MacDonald (Jan-June), Ms. Levonne Louie, Ms. Margaret Munsch, Ms. Kate Wood, Q.C. (Council President)
Missing: Ms. Laurie Steinbach (July to Dec.)