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Registrar’s Message

Throughout 2018, change was a common theme. Not just here at the College, not just in Alberta, but everywhere. We saw many global and political situations influence the way we look at social issues, leading to a shift where people want more accountability and transparency from those in power.

We are accountable to Albertans, and the feedback we’ve heard over the past year tells us that you want to know more about how we operate.
— Dr. Scott McLeod, CPSA Registrar

The College’s mandate is to protect the public—that’s what we have always been here to do. As society’s expectations change, so must the way we meet our mandate. We are accountable to Albertans, and the feedback we’ve heard over the past year tells us that you want to know more about how we operate.

With that in mind, one of the more significant changes we’ve made at the College in 2018, was to how we communicate about our disciplinary process. Early last year, it became clear that the public did not feel we were forthcoming enough with physician disciplinary decisions. We listened and adjusted our process accordingly, ensuring that we publish those decisions quickly and make them easily accessible to the public on our website.

I truly believe that Alberta’s doctors are some of the very best, providing excellent care to their patients. But no human is infallible and everyone makes mistakes. For us, the complaint process is not about punishing doctors—it’s about learning and trust. The more open and honest we are with each other as medical professionals, the better we can learn from mistakes so they don’t happen again. And the more open and transparent we are with the public about what guides our decisions, the more trust we will build.

We can’t do our business behind closed doors and expect anyone to have confidence in the decisions we make. Good regulation can’t happen if we don’t have the trust of the people we’re here to protect. We will continue to listen, learn and grow, as a College and as a profession, so we can effectively support physicians in providing Albertans with high-quality health care.  

Dr. Scott McLeod
CPSA Registar


Meet the team

Left to right: Dr. Susan Ulan, Mr. Shawn Knight, Dr. Scott McLeod (Registrar), Dr. Michael Caffaro, Dr. Karen Mazurek (Deputy Registrar), Dr. Jeremy Beach Missing: Mr. David Kay


Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

The highest quality medical care for Albertans through regulatory excellence.

Our Mission

To protect the public and ensure trust by guiding the medical profession.

Our Values

The College values the privilege of self-regulation granted to us by the people of Alberta and is committed to continually earning their trust. In our work, we are guided by these values:

We do the right thing. We act responsibly, respectfully and with integrity, aspiring to be fair and reasonable. We acknowledge our mistakes as well as our successes, and strive to do what’s right in service to the public.

We make informed decisions. Our decisions are based on evidence, knowledge, experience and best practice. We plan, measure outcomes and apply what we learn.

We empower people. We believe people perform best when they see the Vision, set their own goals, have the resources they need and aspire to excellence and personal growth.

We collaborate. We invite others to contribute to achieving our goals and value their time and expertise. We share what we know generously within our legislated limits, and seek opportunities to collaborate externally in areas of mutual interest.

We are innovators. We think ahead to create opportunity. We set the bar high and value creativity in exploring new and better ways of doing our work.

We enjoy and find meaning in our work. We care about what we do and give our best. While our work is serious, we enjoy camaraderie with our coworkers and take time to celebrate each other’s milestones and achievements.