The CPSA Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Code of Conduct outline the College's expectations of Alberta physicians.

As members of a self-regulated profession, physicians are accountable for upholding professional codes and standards in all stages of their careers, in all facets of medicine and in all methods of care delivery. Any revisions to these foundational documents require prior consultation with physicians, government and other interested parties. 

The College also helps physicians understand and implement the standards by providing advice on specific topics.



In guiding our members, we welcome other views, both informally and through a formal consultation process. While the scope of input is often wide, in developing and renewing our standards of practice the precept “consider first the well-being of the patient” from our Code of Ethics always focuses the work.

In 2015, we put out for formal consultation an amended standard for Continuity of Care, following up a recommendation by the Health Quality Council of Alberta in its 2013 report of the same name.

This provided an opportunity to engage with our members and to clarify our expectation that they have a system in place to triage patient calls and respond to critical test results after-hours.

The input gathered provided good insight and helped us develop tools to support our members in meeting the standard. The Alberta Medical Association and Health Link have been valuable partners in this work.

Council reissued the Continuity of Care standard in June 2015, and we are committed to ensuring our members meet its intent in the best interest of their patients.

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