The College welcomes the opportunity to share its views with government and other healthcare partners, and participate in building a strong health care system for Albertans. 

Through our Regional Tour program, committee participation and meetings with government, business and community leaders, the College actively participates in public policy discussions. We are a registered lobbyist with both the provincial and federal governments. 

In 2015, the CPSA Regional Tour visited St. Albert, High Level, Peace River,
Rocky Mountain House and Sylvan Lake. 

We also hosted two "dine and dash" receptions in fall 2015 to introduce
newly-elected MLAs to the work of the College.



In 2015, Canadians grappled with the social, regulatory and practical implications of the decision by the Supreme Court of Canada to remove physician-assisted dying from the Criminal Code.

The College felt a keen responsibility to provide guidance to our members. We researched how medical assistance in dying is delivered in other jurisdictions, consulted with the provincial government, Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health, other medical regulators, allied health professionals, advocacy groups, our members and the public, and participated in the Provincial-Territorial Expert Advisory Group. The insights gained significantly enriched our understanding of this complex issue.

We believe our advice document, published in late 2015 and since updated, will support access to medical assistance in dying for Alberta patients who meet the criteria set by the Supreme Court of Canada, safeguard patients against its inappropriate use and allow those members who conscientiously object to opt out.

It also aligns closely with similar work in other Canadian jurisdictions, and will continue to evolve as the legal environment for medical assistance in dying matures.