We review physician education, postgraduate training and, when necessary, arrange assessments to determine whether applicants are ready to practise. Physician qualifications and practice details are reviewed annually. We also monitor mandatory physician enrolment in Continuous
professional Development. 

Every physician practising in Alberta must be registered with the College and have an Alberta medical practice permit. 

Applicants for a practicer permit may be required to undergo a period of supervised assessment before entering independent practice. Practice readiness assessments are coordinated through the Provincial Physician Assessment Program (PPAP), administered by this College. 

All registered physicians who provide direct patient care must also be enrolled in an approved Continuous Professional Development program. 




Many smaller Alberta communities benefit from recruiting physicians eligible for the Provisional Register Conditional Practice (PRCP). After passing a College-directed period of assessment, these physicians provide much needed, safe patient care while working to fulfil the
requirements of the General Register.

Initially, the opportunity to recruit these physicians was available to a variety of sponsors. As most of these sponsors were recruiting physicians to urban locations, smaller municipalities soon found it much harder to attract PRCP physicians to rural practice. Recognizing the strain this put on rural communities, in
2015 the College introduced a new rule limiting
sponsorship of PRCP physicians to
Alberta Health Services.

What does this do?

It provides AHS with an effective mechanism to place these physicians where they’re needed most, so more Albertans can access the
care they need close to home.